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In-Game Rules

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  • No farming kills
  • No stall rushing
  • No luring over yell
  • No breaking rules in a risk fight
  • No interfering with a risk fight




  • No luring monsters away from their spawn area
  • No bug abusing
  • No scamming
  • No RWT (trading a player ingame valuables for any currency outside of RecklessPK or vice versa)
  • No impersonating staff
  • No selling/staking spawnable items for items of value
  • No spam
  • No disrespectful language ingame or on the discord (racism, hatred, homophobia, etc)
  • No abusing the Superman achievement
  • No changing your IP to avoid a punishment
  • No multivoting
  • No multilog in wild
  • No hacking/phishing/keylogging
  • No ddosing or threatening to ddos
  • No threatening anyone's personal information
  • No cheat clients, cheat engines, etc
  • No advertising other servers



Breaking a rule will typically result in a warning, unless the staff team deems it worthy of a greater punishment. Warnings are logged privately.

If you think somebody is breaking a rule, please present proof to a staff member and we will handle it.

If no staff members are available, please submit your report on Discord or here on the forums.


Thank you,

RecklessPK Staff

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