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  1. Hey all, We have a special announcement today. has been promoted to ! Thanks, RecklessPK Staff

    RecklessPKers, Today we bring to you new content for legendary donators. ::bloodisland Mummy Warrior As of now, this is the only thing you can find on Blood Island. Attacks used: melee, range Wilderness: no Check out its drop table ingame with ::finddrop mum I look forward to seeing some comments regarding what could potentially be added to ::bloodisland in the future. Thank you, RecklessPK Staff

    RecklessPKers, Today we bring to you two new bosses. Both can be found at ::cw, a multi-combat zone. Bulwark Beast: Attacks used: magic, melee Requirements: 80 slayer Wilderness: no Check out its drop table ingame with ::finddrop bul Bork: Attacks used: range, magic, melee Requirements: split dragontooth necklace Wilderness: no Check out its drop table ingame with ::finddrop bork Thank you, RecklessPK Staff
  4. PvM Drop-Log

    do you have an edit button? also, it would be appreciated if you would post bigger lots such as the first one as opposed to the four singles you shared ot: promising progress, keep it up. sad to see phoenix got nerfed. looking to change that back.
  5. Hey all, We have a special announcement today. Mod Ishka has been promoted to Admin Ishka. Congrats on your promotion and we hope to see you make a great admin here on RecklessPK. Thanks, RecklessPK Staff
  6. In-Game Rules

    No farming kills No stall rushing No luring over yell No breaking rules in a risk fight No interfering with a risk fight No luring monsters away from their spawn area No bug abusing No scamming No RWT (trading a player ingame valuables for any currency outside of RecklessPK or vice versa) No impersonating staff No selling/staking spawnable items for items of value No spam No disrespectful language ingame or on the discord (racism, hatred, homophobia, etc) No abusing the Superman achievement No changing your IP to avoid a punishment No multivoting No multilog in wild No hacking/phishing/keylogging No ddosing or threatening to ddos No threatening anyone's personal information No cheat clients, cheat engines, etc No advertising other servers Breaking a rule will typically result in a warning, unless the staff team deems it worthy of a greater punishment. Warnings are logged privately. If you think somebody is breaking a rule, please present proof to a staff member and we will handle it. If no staff members are available, please submit your report on Discord or here on the forums. Thank you, RecklessPK Staff
  7. Guide to Donator Benefits

    organization is key I will be updating this when new donator benefits are added. I have the spreadsheet saved.
  8. Guide to Donator Benefits

    Guide to Donator Benefits If you would like to donate to RecklessPK please click here. Info: This fountain is accessible to all players. Anybody without Donator rank will be subjected to paying 250 pkp for every use. Players with Donator rank and superior will have to pay 250 pkp once and get unlimited use after that. Can be found south of ::edge and in ::dzone. ::switch changes your spellbook wherever you are except for in the wild. ::bank gives you remote access to your bank everywhere outside of the wild. ::donorcave ::donorcave will bring you to a cave full of monsters such as those in the two screenshots above, as well as monsters commonly found assigned as slayer tasks. ::evilspirit ::evilspirit will bring you to a challenging boss in a multi-combat zone in level 17 wild. Check out its drop table by typing "::finddrop evil" ::frostdragon ::frostdragon is a cave with two Frost Dragons in it. Check out their drop table by typing "::finddrop frost" ::donorisland ::donorisland is similar to ::donorcave in the sense that it's a private place for a ranked player to kill the common mini bosses shown above. ::legendzone ::legendzone will bring you to a small room with a gambler (55x2) and a Jungle forester who can tele you to the jungle strykewyrms area at no charge ::giantroc ::giantrock brings you to a secluded area with two Giant Rocs. To see their drop table type "::finddrop t r" Thank you, Adam
  9. RecklessPKers, Today we bring to you two new weapons. Gravite Rapier: 12k dp or 1.6m bm Anger Battleaxe: 8k dp or 1.5m bm Gravite Rapier stats: Primal Rapier stats: Gravite Rapier DPS: Primal Rapier DPS: Anger Battleaxe stats: Elder Maul stats: Anger Battleaxe DPS: Elder Maul DPS: Thank you, RecklessPK Staff
  10. help

    solved reqlock
  11. Guide to PvM'ing Phoenix

    just a note: spec fountain takes 250 pkp per use from non-donators useful info in this vid, nice